Friday, November 19, 2010

19 Nov 2010: Old Speckled Hen

"English Fine Ale"
5.2% alc

The first mouthful gives a rather nice sweet-bitter taste which sort of diminishes in subsequent sips.  The aroma had a distinct metallic accent, which clashed unpleasantly with the malty base.  We drank it at rather cold temperature and the general consensus is that it would have been better served a bit warmer.

There is nothing particularly complex about the flavour of this brew. It's an easy drinking beer with low carbonation, minimal hoppiness, and a very quick finish.

Purchased from Botteoa on Lygon Street, Melbourne, Victoria

Scores (out of 10):

Nick: 7
Patrick: 6
Brad: 6
Andrew: 5
Damjan: 4
Cheyne: ...

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